Never Ordinary describes our family. Mark and Nicola are the parents of William and Jonathan. Jonathan is blind and has autism, and is a piano prodigy, playing Beethoven before he could reach the piano pedals. As a family we have had many experiences to get this far. Maybe something we have learned along the way can inspire and help.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Jonathan, Nicola & Mark. Your talk at the Victoria Autism Conference was truely inspirational. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Ryk & Shannan Eksteen, Melbourne

    • Thank you, Ryk and Shannan. It’s great to hear that we were able to inspire people. As you can imagine we were pretty nervous about it and hoped that it would do some good, so we really appreciate the positive response. It’s nice to think that all that we learned might be useful to more than just us.

  2. Hello Jonathan, Nicola and Mark
    I wanted to add my appreciation for your words at the conference and Jonathan’s wonderful music. Listening to you play Jonathan, I was reminded of another young man in Germany, who also plays a mean version of the Swanee River.
    His name is Luca Sestak, and there are some YouTube clips of him which are easy to find. He has a website with his story at http://www.piano99.net/
    If you hear his music I hope you enjoy it!
    Best wishes

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